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arlo solar panel
Arlo solar panel

Arlo Solar Panel | How To Setup With Arlo Wireless Camera? +1-844-854-6817

With crime flourishing and increasing at a very fast pace, security cameras have become a need of time. Whether it’s a home or office, security cameras are a must. The market is flooded with various security camera manufacturers, but Arlo stands beyond the crowd owing to the awesome features imbibed in its cameras. The list is endless when it comes to writing down the features of this Arlo security camera. Advanced features like wireless mode of operation, night vision, HD recording, motion alert, weather resistance, etc has made this device the most preferred choice of people all across the world. Another reason why this is the most loved camera is that you can integrate it with Arlo Solar Panel. In the article that follows, we have listed down the features and services.

We Can Also Use Arlo cameras with the solar panel. Yes, one can connect the Arlo solar panel to camera and light.

Using the Solar panel to a powerful security camera is the best thing as you don’t have to charge its battery again and again. By using it, you will never require to charge it again. The solar panel harvest power from the sunlight and keep Arlo battery charged. It is completely weather-resistant and features an adjustable mount so that it can be easily installed at the outdoor place. We can use it with the Arlo Pro, Arlo go and Arlo security light system. We have come up with a detailed guide that will let you know the way to connect Arlo Pro Solar Panel with Arlo wireless camera.

arlo solar panel
Arlo solar panel

How to set up Arlo Solar Panel to Arlo Wireless Camera

Execute the following listed steps and setup

  1. Choose a decent outdoor location within a distance of 4.5 feet of your Arlo wireless camera.
  2. Make sure that you are mounting it at such a place where it can absorb the full sunlight.
  3. Mount the Arlo Pro Solar Panel on a fence, wall and make sure that you are mounting it in the direction of true south.
  4. Use the provided screws and mount it properly.
  5. Attach it to the mount and adjust the angle in the proper direction. For help, you can download the free Simply Solar app on your smartphone.
  6. Check if the battery of the Arlo camera is fully charged or not. If not and then set up as the solar panel is to retain the charge of your battery.
  7. Connect the cable to your Arlo camera.

Check if the charging icon is appearing in your Arlo application or not. It may take some time but it will appear on your screen. Check it daily and make sure that the battery percentage is not decreasing.

Article Summary

The article consists of information about using a Solar panel with an Arlo wireless camera. We have mentioned a whole guide on mounting it in a proper place. In case, if you require expert help, you can contact the Arlo Customer Support team which is 24/7 available to help their valuable customers.

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